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More housemate mumblings. Yes, I am almost as bored posting this as people are reading it. I want my journal to have more interesting stuff in it )

Anyway. I had a good time at JDrama last night (it only took me eight episodes to realise the two dramas share not one, not two, but three actors ^^ *is intelligent*) I actually cried a bit in Nodame *shifty eyes* which I am vaguely embarrassed about, but it was meant to be a genuinely moving moment.
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I never really had to hide books from my parents; my mother was allowed to read whatever she wanted as a child, and so extended the same privilege to me. Thus I ended up borrowing a bunch of books about sex from the local library and finding out about a lot of interesting concepts before I really needed to. I attribute any and all issues I have to this :D


[entry written on Friday afternoon, offline]

Soooo, today I completed THE PROJECT. I spent the morning beta-reading it (there was a horrible moment when I realised a bunch of tables of figures were wrong and had to be re-copied-and-pasted) (there was another horrible moment when I was given a task I'd specifically asked not to have to do that day because the bloke who was going to do it called in sick) (HE'D BETTER HAVE BEEN VERY ILL) and then I spent, like, four hours printing out ten copies. Because it is 148 pages long and contains images. But yes. I HAS FINISHED PROJECT. (Although it hasn't yet been spiral-bound. But it will be.)

I am now looking forward *touches wood* to a weekend which does not involve projects and just involves me doing a few things at some point. Tomorrow is the fancy dress party, and yes, I am going as a BR schoolgirl. I suspect my weapon may be poison, aka a bottle of Bach's rescue remedy with a skull-and-crossbones label :D

I have stupidly allowed myself to run out of inhaler and my back has been vaguely achy and wheezy all day as my lungs start doing a Tetsuo impression and yelling 'WHERE ARE MY DRUGS?' I hope to sort this out next week. *fails a bit*

My thoughts on the Desperate Housewives season finale, and the season in general )

Okay. I go make soup and watch JDrama.


Last night was the fancy-dress party and I did indeed go as a Battle Royale schoolgirl. Quite a few people knew the movie, which was cool, and it was pretty fun. Didn't get home til 2 a.m., though, and woke up today with a cold. Have spent most of it lurking and sleeping and watching TV. Feel vaguely grumpy now, probably because I am getting even more tired.

Edit: the party cast list, for my own reference and for lulz ^^

The theme was good vs. evil.

An angel
Sgt. Elias from the movie Platoon
Elastigirl from The Incredibles
Violet, from same
Claire Bennett from Heroes
James Bond
Horatio from CSI: Miami
Harry Potter

Jason Voorhees
Freddy Kreuger
Cruella de Vil
A devil
A pirate
The Joker from The Dark Knight, in his nurse's outfit

Somewhat confused
A jar of Marmite
A devil and an angel combined (in one costume. The angel looks like it's shagging the devil. Yes, it is as weird as it sounds)
A Battle Royale schoolgirl ^^

Also, there were good and evil cookies (some shaped like Batman logos, some shaped like Ghostbuster logos, and some with appropriate quotes on), and though I did not have a gun, the pirate let me hold hers for most of the second half of the evening :D
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My first exam went okay - I know I made a few irritating mistakes and there was a nasty moment when I thought a whole third of it was going to implode in front of my eyes (it turned out to be a combination of a misplaced minus sign and me not being able to read. GO TALLULAH GO.) My next one is on Friday. The wall to my right is still covered with A4 pages of notes, but the Akira poster next to them takes up slightly more space. I feel this is good and represents a healthy work-life balance. Or possibly work-fandom balance.

Damn it, [livejournal.com profile] br_roleplay is making me flail... okay, everything is making me flail at the moment. But I wish I was interested in playing a less-high profile character. Or that I had a backup choice after Shinji. *watches nervously for claims post* Or that I knew who the mods were after so at least I could stop worrying about that. Geez ^^

Meme stolen from [livejournal.com profile] blackeyedpotato that I'm doing WITHOUT BEING TAGGED OMG:

Once tagged by this entry, the assignment is to list 10 movies: your 5 Favorites & your 5 Guilty Pleasures. Then, pick 5 of your friends and tag them. No tag backs. This explanation should be included.

Favourites: (More or less)
1. Akira
2. Battle Royale
3. Spirited Away
4. The History Boys
5. Chicago

Guilty Pleasures:
1. Mulan
2. Little Shop Of Horrors (I don't think it should be a guilty pleasure, but it's a silly musical about a man-eating plant, so I may be in the minority here ^^)
3. Clueless
4. Cruel Intentions
5. Baz Luhrman's Romeo + Juliet

(To be honest, I can't see a great deal of difference between the two lists in terms of content.)

(My movie tastes are, then, musicals, chick flicks with vicious teenagers, and random Japanese stuff.)

Ah, the coffee is reinvigorating me. Coffee's so great ^^


Jan. 11th, 2007 11:49 am
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Just found out we're getting our coursework marks back today. Also was given a general feedback sheet on it. I have a horrible feeling it hasn't gone very well.

*flails, just for the hell of it*

Um, yes. Am currently busy revising. First exam on Monday. Woohoo -_-

Edit: 66%. Could've been much worse. Average was 58% and my last three courseworks have been 60-something, so I'm not really surprised.

One person got 100%, though.

Either they're a genius, or make me look like a party animal.
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To Do List:

- Curves and Surfaces - nothing until Friday, assuming the problem class doesn't show me I've done the entire sheet wrong *prays*
- Metric Spaces - Q2b,c,d (2(a) is almost certainly wrong but I don't care)
- Mathematical Methods - will receive sheet tomorrow *prays that it will be doable*
- Linear Algebra - Q2,3 by Thursday (why isn't it working? What am I missing? *bashes head against desk*)
- Galois Theory - pretty much all of the sheet. Need to figure out what all of the questions mean.

I guess as we're hitting the halfway mark of the first semester, um... this is the wall? Like in running?

If so, I'd like my second wind about now, kthx.
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A few things: I'm having Psychologically Significant Battle Royale Dreams again (as opposed to just random ones); I've decided I don't really like ska music; [livejournal.com profile] lycoris has left but we had a really great week (well, I did); I finally saw Jurassic Park and felt I made the right choice not seeing it as a kid as it would have scared the pants off me; I also saw Serenity which I really liked (I liked JP too but it was scarier ^^); I still can't find a song about Kaori (from Akira, not BR); I think my family are getting very tired of me; and I am EMO. EMOOOOOOOOOO.


If anyone does know any songs they think might fit Kaori, please tell me! This is driving me nuts.

I also read the first volume of One Piece, watched the original black-and-white version of Little Shop Of Horrors (WTF, dudes. Just... what?) saw some more Doctor Who episodes (yay for the Seventh Doctor!) went to the zoo, saw three episodes of Stingray and could have sworn it was better when I was a kid, and... yeah. Watched/read some other stuff too (okay, the reading was mainly Sweet Valley Twins books, but so what? :p)

Edit: I owe Zarrah a meme, yey.

Here's a twist on the usual letter meme - comment and I'll give you a letter. Come up with ten song titles for it, and explain why you picked it.

Zarrah gave me an M... )

Edit 2: Got a song for Kaori! Hooray for a brother with an extensive music collection.
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Went to see Pirates of the Caribbean 2 last night. It was very enjoyable - I thought it was much better than the first film because the humour was more integrated, the serious bits were more interesting, and everyone got their characters rounded out more. Unfortunately I kind of ended up wishing it would end because the last train was at 11:18 and we went to an 8:30 showing... in the end it finished at like 11:12 and I ran out of the cinema and down to the station (five minute walk, I DID IT IN FOUR YO) and caught the train. Unfortunately I ran so hard that it felt like I'd been punched in the chest and I've been a little wheezy all night and this morning. I think I've now established why I'd die in a Battle Royale - I just wouldn't be able to run fast enough ^^

Mild ranting on mild Internet bitching )

Anyway, bah to the Internet. I shall check my university e-mails and then go and dry my hair.
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.... I like that subject. That has actually made me laugh now. Yay!

Erm, yes. Possibly watching the last ep of Doctor Who (which made my little sister cry and so then made me cry even though I didn't want to bloody cry because it's FUCKING EMOTIONAL MANIPULATION and *dark mutters about stuff*) and then immediately checking e-mails and confirming that Satomi is dead was not the best plan, but... damn, that subject is amusing me.

I am more than a little immature suddenly.

Hmm. Think may call RL friend and see if she's alive and stuff.
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To-Do List:

- M11. Entire sheet. However the tutor tomorrow may give me some of the answers. Either way it's not being started now, because I'm not in the right mood and would give up after a few minutes

- M13 I hate my lecturer and I hate my tutor because they are both MORONS. RAAARGH. Q1, parts (iii) (WTF? That's last year's syllabus! No fair!) and (iv) (looks suspiciously easy...), and Q3 part (i) (even the bit I thought I'd done has gone horribly wrong. Wail, angst, moan, etc)

- M14 Q3 which I have been working on for about four hours in the past two days and still sucks. The thing is I got really into it yesterday but in the end gave up and e-mailed my tutor and now she's e-mailed back and I'm not into it any more.

- Revise (eeek)

- Study the webpages of three other groups in my computing class, make notes, revise notes

- Ditto for own webpage

And soon I am going home, where the computer connected to the Net won't have AIM. I could download it, but I've forgotten my password AGAIN so this would mean resetting it for the second time and that's... kind of embarrassing. Eh. I'll notice if anything amazing happens on [livejournal.com profile] br_roleplay.

Okay, back to work/attempting to compose begging letters to tutors.


Dec. 13th, 2005 09:15 pm
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Dear Tallulah,

You are a fucking moron.

No love at all,

Your Conscience, who is very pissed off with you because you didn't listen to her and now you are regretting it

Random facts meme )


Dec. 5th, 2005 07:09 pm
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To save your Flists... )


Oct. 29th, 2005 05:45 pm
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Gods, I am not looking forward to this party. A host of drunken males who all know each other, one female flatmate and her boyfriend, Duncan and another friend, and me.
Why did I agree to this? Why? Why didn't I make other plans? Why do people like doing this sort of stuff? Why can't we all just live in caves on our own?
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The Internet seems confused today. First of all Windows said it couldn't access the Net because it couldn't read my IP address, then the connection shut off for no reason and is now back. Whatever.

Okay, first of all I have something to say that will make one person on my Flist very happy - last night I saw the first five episodes of Ghost In The Shell: Standalone Complex! In general I really enjoyed it; the plots were clever and intriguing, the characters interesting and cool, and the cityscapes and drawings were really beautiful and atmospheric. The only thing I didn't like was the increased fanservice - Motoko so had no reason to wear as her uniform a high-cut bathing suit and thigh-high boots/stockings. She seemed more feminine and human in this in general, which at times was quite nice (I really liked her hair) but other times annoying.
But overall excellent. I was sorry I had to leave early.

And now the rambling.

The following one is literally just to straighten out things in my own head, which I find easier to do on Livejournal.

Musings on the merits of taking a placement year )

This ramble is because there's been quite a lot of discussion about feminism on my Flist and in a book I'm reading, so I've been thinking about it a lot.
Not particularly coherent comments on the sexes )

Last day

Sep. 29th, 2005 04:50 pm
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Ugh. Done loads of packing. Ready to go to uni. Sick with apprehension. Will go and distract self with fanfic.
Don't know how well Internet connection will be working at uni, so bear with me.


Sep. 16th, 2005 02:52 pm
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I have a cold, or hayfever, or possibly both *sniffs pathetically*
And ooh! I also had hysterics last night! I was crying in bed (university angst, as usual) when I heard Nik get back from his drama rehearsal. I'd had a fight with him earlier and I didn't want to lie there wondering if he was going to bother to come make up with me, so I put my fingers in my ears and went 'laaaaaa' to block out the noise. However, I had a feeling this was too loud and he might come in to see why I was singing, so I switched to humming through my nose. But because I'd been crying, I was all blocked up, so I kind of snorted a bit.
I said to myself, "That is the grossest thing ever," and then this struck me as incredibly funny and I just started shrieking with laughter, really loudly, and as it went on I realised I wasn't sure if I was laughing or crying, but it just kept bubbling up in me and I didn't want to stop.
Kind of fun, actually... but Nik then came in and talked me down, dude... ^_^ He said I looked creepy.

My laptop is being a pain. The Caps Lock key keeps getting switched on for no reason, and the mouse jumps about. I intend to try it later today after I've left it alone to think about what it's done.
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Went to see War of the Worlds last night...

WotW Spoilers )

I am determined to keep my LJ updated despite lack of Net access.
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Memes )

Feel groggy and grumpy about inadvertently committing myself to going to see a gloomy play about sex and missing Doctor Who - even though my mum is videoing it for me. I'm sorry, Lycoris! Our phone call will probably have to be postponed - I'm really sorry. (Note to self: learn days of the week.)
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All I did this morning was go to town, look at a flat, buy Duncan a cake and a present, get tickets for the local production of Fame and do my shopping, and I'm wilting. I feel like I've been hit on the head, only without the pain.

Short, not particularly self-hating, but angsting, about my future )

Edit: Hotmail account seems fine now, so feel free to e-mail it if you wanted to, well, e-mail me. Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] angrychemist I've set up a Gmail account as back-up, though.


May. 3rd, 2005 03:08 pm
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My brain is actually not working. My head is full of mucus, swollen glands, and the effects of painkillers (they hit me very hard today - I was shaking so much I had to sit digging my nails into my arms, and felt trembly whenever I wasn't writing something down, hence the reason my vectors notes have the lyrics to Sonic The Hedgehog - Fastest Thing Alive written in the margin). My mother thinks I may be really ill... I was doubting it, but now I can't work and I hate it when I have free time and no work to do in it because I can't think properly. (Hence the updating of livejournal.)
And now I can't think of anything else to say.

Mood up

Jan. 25th, 2005 03:41 pm
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Second exam today. Went better - I couldn't do two of the short questions, but I did the two long ones and I think I got them right. (Managed to detect an error in the second one when I said -1/-1 = -1...) Hardly any time to check, everyone thinks we don't have enough time.
Am a little worried that not doing so good on an exam plunged me into a fit of angst and depression that lasted for twenty-four hours and then doing good on this one immediately lifted me. I do not feel my mood should be so dependent on maths...


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