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I really don't know. Well... obviously when we die, our body becomes unable to function as a fully working entity any more and so it stops (she said intelligently) ^^

What bothers me is how this would feel while it's happening. The idea that you would be aware of what it feels like to die really freaks me out. I think I would rather that once you die, you are just gone. That's it. There is no more 'you' behind the eyes, nothing else to notice. That sort of freaks me out, but I figure once it happens I wouldn't notice, so it'd be okay ^^

My concept of Heaven is a bit vague, partly because Heaven is very much (for me) associated with loving God and being with Him and I don't think I've ever felt it really. I mean, the idea of eternal bliss bothers me a bit as it suggests eternal consciousness and I'm not sure how feasible that is.

What really scares me is that I would "let go", fall into death, and then face something horrible, i.e. Hell.

I generally try and avoid thinking about this too much because it's not like there's anything much I can do about it.

Quick, let's talk about books instead )

I've been rubbish as doing much writing this week, which is a pain. I've also been terribly hungry for a lot of it. We went out for lunch to commiserate my line manager leaving, and I had a whole large pizza. This rarely happens. Tomorrow there is an evening leaving do for him, which is supposed to involve curry. We'll see what happens. Today I had a 'let's make sure you're ok with everything and won't have any loose ends after I've left' meeting with him in the canteen, which was kind of sad because the first meeting I ever had with him was there too.

My LJ gets really slow when I've written this much *prods it*

Also, I could totally have a 'death' tag in my LJ, but I shy away from the effort involved in going back and tagging all relevant entries.

The Bible

Jan. 24th, 2007 04:03 pm
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You know the Bible 100%!

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Um... I'm sure some of my answers were wrong. At the very least some of them were guesses.

Anyway. Exams are over, yay. The last one (this morning) didn't go as well as I'd hoped although the one I posted about in my last entry (yesterday evening) went better than I'd hoped so really, I've done what I expected, just... not with the exams I thought I would. If that makes sense. Am now moving out of 'arrrgh, how could I be so thick in this morning's exam?' to 'I'm really tired...'


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