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I'm just... taking a break before starting to read another chapter on programming. Honest *shifty eyes*
Had a very lazy day yesterday in which me and Duncan watched the first 19 episodes of Ghost In The Shell: Standalone Complex. Very good. I love Togusa and Batou and I admire Motoko. We stayed in his room all day except for a brief venture out to the fish and chip shop. I am now finding it hard to motivate myself ^^

Exam results any day soon. Tom got his yesterday so ours can't be far away.

First exam

Jun. 6th, 2005 03:18 pm
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Vectors exam today. Went... well, I pretty much owned the first section, but in the second you are supposed to complete two questions and I only did one... but it went a lot better than it could have done, seeing as I hate and despise vectors, and as I only need 25% to pass, it should be okay.

Duncan and I think Tom shows psychopathic tendencies. (Or he's just a very selfish student, but 'psychopathic' is a fun word to write and say.)

Captain Jack in Doctor Who is extremely good-looking. I think so, anyway.
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Yet another Battle Royale dream )

This is a "short break" from the ever-present revision. Vectors has too many letters in it.

Apologies to anyone I disappeared to on MSN last night. After I had words with/an annoying text message from (that I couldn't reply to because I have no credit on my phone) Tom, Duncan came in and we chatted for some time until I was less ready to break something, then I went and watched Desperate Housewives round at a friend's. So... sorry.
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Red Dwarf - Back to Reality Crew by cosmicthing
Pick a Color
Sebastian Doylerobert_frogg
Billy Doyledigitalpr0n
Duane Dibleysashwizzled
Jake Bulletfox_in_sand
Percent of Red Dwarf Mission Completed: 92%
Quiz created with MemeGen!

Ha! And they're all British too.
*misses Red Dwarf*
Next time someone gives me an HMV voucher... roll on birthday!

Edit: Tom, Duncan and I all took the Slut Test and I scored 16%, Duncan scored in the thirties, and Tom scored 61%.
For kicks I then filled in the test pretending I was Kai from my fanfic Blood Sugar Sex Magic (what; it's late, I'm tired, I have an exam in the morning...) He gets 57%.
He's a prostitute and he still gets less than Tom.
*fears Tom*


Jan. 22nd, 2005 10:44 pm
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It snowed! Duncan, Tom and I went out and had a short snowball fight. We then had hot (well, warm) chocolate and chocolate fondue with raisins. Then we watched a bit of M*A*S*H, which none of us liked, so we stopped and watched Caged Women, a really bad soft-core porn movie. (The women are locked up in a cage in the blistering sun. To stop dehydration, they must lick each other to stay cool. The fact that they're licking up each others' sweat, which is full of salt, is irrelevant. Then they randomly got transported to a pool where there was a gratuitous water fight. A real laugh.)
I didn't do much revision.
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It is Saturday morning. The morning after Friday night. Even yours truly who stayed in on Friday night was up late doing fanfic-related stuff. And then the bastards gave us an 8:30 fire drill! And it was damp! And cold! And I'm tired. *sulks*
It was kind of funny actually. I was woken out of sleep by this klaxon-like noise, and I was staring round stupidly wondering where the hell it was coming from, why my mobile phone was making such a weird noise, and why couldn't I find it to switch it off. And then slowly I figured out it might possibly be the fire alarm. So... yeah.

Me and Duncan went to see Shark Tale, which I really enjoyed, although I don't think I'd take my little sister. It's more of a teenager's film IMO. (Just a lot of more adult jokes.)

I then got very very gloomy for no apparent reason, but cheered up when I found out Duncan had baked me a cake ^____^ it is my birthday next week, but I will be at home then, so... yeah. It is a chocolate cake. I am pleased.

And we went to a very nice fireworks display this evening which was let off to James Bond theme tunes. Which I enjoyed.

Tom bought me The Passion of the Christ on DVD as a birthday present. I'm not sure I can get up the courage to watch it. Has anyone seen it and if so how violent is it? Would I be traumatised?


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