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eight masquerades

[Title] Hollow Victory
[Fandom] Battle Royale
[Rating] PG-13 for sex
[Notes/Summary] Shou/Kazuo. Shou is fascinated by Kazuo's masquerade, or lack of it.

Kazuo is as blank as ever )

[Title] Make-out Gambit
[Fandom] Animorphs
[Rating] G
[Notes/Summary] Rachel and Marco had to create a distraction. Prompted by [personal profile] still_lycoris. Thought-speak in italics to avoid HTML issues.

All good. Mission accomplished )

[Title] Growing Older
[Fandom] Death Note
[Rating] PG for death and bereavement
[Notes/Summary] Raito is managing the loss of his father.

The plan is coming together )

[Title] It's Complicated
[Fandom] Akira
[Rating] PG-13 for sex
[Notes/Summary] Kai/Yamagata. This isn't exactly dating. Kai's not sure what it is.

Dating suggests they actually go on dates )

[Title] The Speaker and the Watcher
[Fandom] Lewis
[Rating] G
[Notes/Summary] Hathaway isn't sure if he's putting on a front. ([personal profile] still_lycoris requesting Hathaway having emotions. This is my attempt...)

Nothing is forcibly silenced )

[Title] Convention
[Fandom] Death Note
[Rating] PG
[Notes/Summary] Ide is sick of discussing his love life with Matsuda.

Just because you don't have a private life )

[Title] With Friends Like This
[Fandom] Death Note
[Rating] G
[Notes/Summary] Mello knows who his friends are. Near isn't one of them.

If he never saw them again that would be fine )

[Title] Dressing in Your Skin
[Fandom] Skins / Battle Royale
[Rating] PG-13 for sex (and discussion of violence)
[Notes/Summary] Everyone thinks Kazuo is creepy. Everyone except Tony.

Anyone who never smiles is pretty creepy )
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my true love sent to me

six questions asked

[Title] No Solution
[Fandom] Death Note
[Rating] PG, maybe PG-13 for language and vague implied child abuse
[Notes/Summary] The night before the kidnapping attempt, Matt asks Mello about the morality of Kira.

This was the kind of night when you said stuff you thought needed to be got off your chest

[Title] Iron in the Soul
[Fandom] X-Men: Apocalypse / Battle Royale
[Rating] PG for death
[Notes/Summary] After Erik has lost his family, he meets a strange young man. (I apologise if the timing for what we see in the film is off.)

It is a place for lonely men looking for trouble and he was not lonely )

[Title] Whose Beats are Made from Solid Gold
[Fandom] Jet Set Radio
[Rating] G
[Notes/Summary] Even now, Cube still hopes she might see Coin again.

Sometimes early morning mist making a tag look like his )

[Title] Re-education
[Fandom] Battle Royale; AU where Class B never went into the Program
[Rating] PG-13 for sex and implied violence
[Notes/Summary] Shou Tsukioka/Shinji Mimura. Shou wasn't expecting to run into his former classmate. Or what happened next.

It would be bad manners to kick this one out of bed at dawn )

[Title] Rat Dog
[Fandom] Endeavour / His Dark Materials
[Rating] PG-13 for implied/referenced child abuse
[Notes/Summary] Jakes is happy with how his daemon settled, but sometimes you wonder. (Kudos to [personal profile] still_lycoris for prompting this and discussing daemons with me on many occasions.)

At least he knew she was all right )

[Title] Moral Dilemma
[Fandom] Death Note
[Rating] PG, brief mentions of sex and death
[Notes/Summary] Gevanni has not succumbed to Mikami's black-and-white morality. It's just he can see the appeal. Brief implied Mikami/Gevanni.

When he joined the SPK he thought they were going to do a good job and work as a team )
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[Title] Silence is Deafening
[Fandom] Endeavour
[Rating] G
[Notes/Summary] Set between season 2 and season 3. Morse is hearing something but he doesn't know what it is.

Being too close to an explosion or a gunshot )

[Title] There Is No Dog
[Fandom] Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles / Afro-Ken
[Rating] G
[Notes/Summary] Savannah tells Ellison about her new friend.

Ellison's got a healthy suspicion of anyone professing to be Savannah's friend )

[Title] Minding the Gap
[Fandom] The Confessions of Dorian Gray
[Rating] G
[Notes/Summary] Dorian dislikes tube trains.

Packed into a metal tube nose to jowl with the rest of humanity )

[Title] Shadow Puppets
[Fandom] Battle Royale/X-Men: Days of Future Past
[Rating] PG
[Notes/Summary] Charles Xavier/Kazuo Kiriyama. Charles should be frightened. He's everything but.

His thoughts were typed sentences )
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my true love sent to me

eleven inaccessible things

[Title] Home
[Fandom] Battle Royale (manga)
[Rating] PG (includes a racial slur)
[Notes/Summary] Shuuya/Noriko. Sometimes life in a new country is tough, even when you're one of the survivors.

You can't cry at work when you've survived the Program )

[Title] Puppets
[Fandom] Death Note/Homestuck
[Rating] G
[Notes/Summary] Prompted by [personal profile] mayfic: "Dirk and Roxy are Wammy's House children."

She'd probably make a pretty good L, though he agrees the gin-drinking would be a problem )

[Title] Hunger
[Fandom] Death Note
[Rating] PG
[Notes/Summary] Prompted by [personal profile] still_lycoris: "So why does Mello like chocolate so much, anyway?"

Not everyone kneecaps a mobster because they deliberately buy Hershey's )

[Title] Daring
[Fandom] Malory Towers
[Rating] PG
[Notes/Summary] Sally/Alicia. Sally thinks she knows why she's doing this; she isn't so sure Alicia does.

Some of us do things just because they're fun, surely you know that? )

[Title] After the Earthquake
[Fandom] Death Note
[Rating] PG
[Notes/Summary] The Kira case is over, and maybe things are getting back to normal. Prompted by [personal profile] still_lycoris: "Matsuda/Ide, looking for hope."

Now everything seemed so still )

[Title] Friday Nights
[Fandom] Doctor Who (new series)
[Rating] G
[Notes/Summary] Prompted by [personal profile] still_lycoris: "Rory wouldn't mind something normal..."

There wasn't any reality-warping. Time stayed in a straight line. )

[Title] Glitter
[Fandom] Battle Royale/Blake's 7
[Rating] PG
[Notes/Summary] Avon remembers his first kiss. A lot about it was confusing. Requested by [personal profile] still_lycoris and the first time I've written for Blake's 7, so apologies for any canon errors.

Plagued by a sense of something missing )

[Title] Hearts
[Fandom] Malory Towers
[Rating] G
[Notes/Summary] Felicity and June talk about vulnerability.

I can admit when something's upset me. I just don't let it show )

[Title] Happy New Year
[Fandom] Death Note
[Notes/Summary] In which three groups of people see in the new year and try not to notice all the things it probably won't bring them.

1: Freeze )

2: Cold Case )

3: Snow )
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my true love sent to me

twelve shades of grey

[Title] Everything is Grey in the Dark
[Fandom] Death Note
[Rating] PG
[Notes/Summary] Prompt from [livejournal.com profile] mayfic: "Death Note AU where Mello ends up as the new L. A hollow victory, he ends up meeting up with an (almost, perhaps) recovered Sayu. At least initially, she has no idea that he is her kidnapper."

Part 1 )

Part 2 )

Part 3 )

Part 4 )

Part 5 )

Part 6 )

Part 7 )

[Title] Calm Before the Storm
[Fandom] Merlin/Battle Royale
[Rating] PG
[Notes/Summary] While preparing for the final battle, Merlin encounters someone else with secrets. Mordred/Kazuo Kiriyama fic, requested for [livejournal.com profile] lycoris.

A sky flat and white-grey, an empty stone ruin, and silence everywhere )

[Title] Dead Leaves
[Fandom] Malory Towers
[Rating] G
[Notes/Summary] Sally doesn't care that she isn't speaking to anyone. Set during the first book of the series.

Soon it will be too wet and cold to sit under a tree )

[Title] Two Girls
[Fandom] Malory Towers
[Rating] G
[Notes/Summary] Catherine Grey sometimes feels like she's only an observer in her own life. (Another pun-tastic prompt fill o/)

As the days grow shorter, she finds herself splitting into two )

[Title] Living Life to the Full
[Fandom] Death Note
[Rating] G
[Notes/Summary] Raito sometimes wonders how his sister manages to be so enthusiastic about life.

Sayu seemed to really care about things )

[Title] The Colour of a Broken Heart
[Fandom] Jet Set Radio
[Rating] PG
[Notes/Summary] Gum and Tab discuss heartbreak and why the Love Shockers are doing it wrong.

They're not Valentine's Day rudies )
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my true love sent to me

eleven great frustrations

[Title] Ascension
[Fandom] Malory Towers/Death Note
[Rating] PG for violence
[Notes/Summary] Catherine Grey has always been Kira's greatest ally, but even she gets annoyed sometimes. No link to the earlier crossover of these fandoms I did ^^

Kira, the god of the new world, and his blessed saint Catherine )

[Title] Substitute
[Fandom] Death Note
[Rating] PG for slight sexy implications
[Notes/Summary] Misa's sorry she didn't get to know Shingo Midou better.

She'd even thought how much he looked like Raito )

[Title] Ten Percent
[Fandom] Malory Towers/Torchwood
[Rating] G
[Notes/Summary] Set during the events of Children of Earth. Darrell isn't going to stand for it. Requested by [livejournal.com profile] anbyrobanby.

June probably wasn't scared at all )

[Title] Knife Edge
[Fandom] Battle Royale/Merlin
[Rating] PG
[Notes/Summary] Morgana encounters a stranger in the woods.

She had thought she was ruthless )

[Title] Lone Traveller
[Fandom] Merlin/Torchwood
[Rating] PG
[Notes/Summary] Morgana encounters another stranger in the woods... but this one seems somewhat indestructible. Requested by [livejournal.com profile] anbyrobanby, though I didn't quite fulfil the prompt.

Why would someone go to the trouble of reanimating a dead traveller? )

[Title] Maturity
[Rating] G
[Fandom] Death Note
[Notes/Summary] Aizawa has always found Matsuda annoying.

Matsuda's childish exuberance is no longer diluted )

[Title] Hershey Bars
[Fandom] Death Note
[Rating] PG-13 for language
[Notes/Summary] Mello has views on confectionary.

I swear to god people will die )

[Title] Bad Reputation
[Fandom] Battle Royale
[Rating] PG
[Notes/Summary] Mitsuru/Izumi fic. Mitsuru's not sure he's happy about this set-up.

He isn't carrying any kind of weapon )

[Title] Anger Management
[Fandom] Battle Royale
[Rating] PG; mention of self-harm
[Notes/Summary] Sugimura can't understand Takako's actions.

Things make me angry )

[Title] Twisted
[Fandom] Akira
[Rating] PG
[Notes/Summary] Tetsuo thinks it's not meant to be like this.

There's something wrong with him )

[Title] Law Enforcement
[Fandom] Jet Set Radio
[Rating] PG
[Notes/Summary] Onishima considers crime prevention methods.

We got great results with the tasers )
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my true love sent to me

seven regretted decisions

[Title] Kittens and Killing
[Fandom] Azumanga Daioh/Death Note
[Rating] PG
[Prompt] From [livejournal.com profile] mayfic: "Chiyo-chichi (big yellow cat thing from Azumanga) is a shinigami and at least one of the girls has a Death Note"
[Notes/Summary] Sakaki thinks she may have found her purpose in life.

I knew you'd use it to help the cat population of Japan )

[Title] Shades of Nobility
[Fandom] Merlin/Battle Royale
[Rating] PG-13
[Prompt] From [livejournal.com profile] lycoris, "Kazuo Kiriyama/Lancelot"
[Notes/Summary] Lancelot meets someone he can't win against.

Once-fine clothes spattered with other people's blood )

[Title] Fade
[Fandom] Death Note
[Rating] R
[Notes/Summary] Follows on from yesterday's Focus. Matsuda has to decide whether to tell Sayu what really happened to her brother.

Then what will you do? Crawl all the way home? )

[Title] Racked With Guilt
[Fandom] Merlin/Saw
[Rating] PG-13
[Notes/Summary] Requested by [livejournal.com profile] anbyrobanby. Merlin and Arthur have to play Jigsaw's game - what will they have to sacrifice to survive?

I want to play a game )

[Title] The Pursuit of Happiness
[Fandom] Jet Set Radio
[Rating] G
[Notes/Summary] Mew talks to Beat about her worries for the future.

Trying to lose herself in the tangle of night sky )

[Title] Cold Turkey
[Fandom] Battle Royale (movie)
[Rating] PG-13
[Prompt] From [livejournal.com profile] likeatruck: "Shuuya/Nobu, I wish I knew how to quit you"

Maybe it doesn't help that it's Shuuya )

[Title] And He Looked Upon His Work
[Fandom] Akira (manga)
[Rating] PG
[Notes/Summary] Tetsuo seeks comfort from Kaori.

He wanted to see her dead )
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my true love sent to me

eight exciting excursions

[Title] Unprecedented Success
[Fandom] Battle Royale/Saw
[Rating] PG-13 for language and implied unpleasant death traps
[Prompt] From [livejournal.com profile] lycoris, "Kazuo Kiriyama in a Saw trap"
[Notes/Summary] Mitsuru and Ryuhei encounter their leader after he's faced a seemingly-tricky challenge.

I'd not had to work under such a strict time limit before )

[Title] Don't Let Them Have Paris
[Fandom] Doctor Who
[Rating] G
[Prompt] From [livejournal.com profile] dapperzombie: "Mickey Smith meets the Eleventh Doctor"
[Notes/Summary] While attempting to defend Paris from the Cybermen, Mickey runs into a not-very-familiar face.

I was aiming for Babylon, but there was a change of plan )

[Title] Rules of the Game
[Fandom] Death Note
[Rating] PG for language
[Notes/Summary] The morning after the attack on Mello's base, Ide and Matsuda reflect on its consequences.

We should have done better )

[Title] It Happened One Knight
[Fandom] Harry Potter/Merlin
[Rating] G
[Prompt] Inspired by [livejournal.com profile] sabethea's request for Sirius/Gwaine fic. I didn't quite manage the slash >_>
[Notes/Summary] Sirius tells James exactly what he used his illicit Time Turner for.

Sure it wasn't your house-elf wearing a saucepan lid? )

[Title] Lack of Proof
[Fandom] Torchwood/Battle Royale
[Rating] PG
[Pairing] Toshiko Sato/Kazuo Kiriyama
[Notes/Summary] Tosh reminisces about an old school crush.

Your eyes could've met over a book of quadratic equations )

[Title] Do Your Best
[Fandom] Battle Royale
[Rating] PG-13 for violence and language
[Prompt] From [livejournal.com profile] anbyrobanby, who asked for BR students caught out by their own trickery. Again, I'm not sure I quite provided, but hey.
[Notes/Summary] Keita Iijima summons up the determination to play to win.

He wasn't really looking forward to the class trip )

[Title] Almost a Holiday
[Fandom] Jet Set Radio
[Rating] G
[Notes/Summary] Combo and Cube prepare to leave Grind City.

We need excitement twenty-four-seven )

[Title] Wrapped Up in Tissue Paper
[Fandom] Death Note
[Rating] G
[Notes/Summary] Misa prepares to assume the mantle of Kira.

She looks like a china doll )
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my true love gave to me

four reflections

[Title] A Good Man
[Fandom] Death Note
[Rating] PG
[Prompt] From [livejournal.com profile] anbyrobanby, "how did Mr and Mrs Yagami meet?"
[Notes/Summary] Sachiko gives a witness statement.

It's the first time Sachiko's ever spoken to police )

[Title] High Scores are Meaningless
[Fandom] Death Note
[Rating] PG-13
[Prompt] From [livejournal.com profile] lycoris, "Mello being vaguely psychotic"
[Notes/Summary] Matt waits for his friend to recover from his injuries.

He's stopped feeling emotion out of simple self-preservation )

[Title] How We Are The Same
[Fandom] Akira (movie)
[Rating] PG
[Prompt] From [livejournal.com profile] herrdeath; "a happy Kaori/Tetsuo fic"
[Notes/Summary] Kaori thinks about the things she and Tetsuo have in common.

She starts with the easy things )

[Title] Princely Ideal
[Fandom] Merlin/Battle Royale (manga)
[Rating] PG
[Prompt] From [livejournal.com profile] lycoris: Kazuo/Arthur fic
[Notes/Summary] Arthur hates this visiting noble, but he isn't sure why.

Kazuo consistently wins in every battle )
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my true love sent to me

six attempts at humour

[Title] Saving the Day
[Fandom] Heroes, set pre-S1
[Rating] G
[Notes/Summary] Ando often finds it difficult to work with Hiro. [livejournal.com profile] anbyrobanby requested Ando trying to stop Hiro doing something stupid, but I'm not sure if this actually fits that. Oh well ^^

It isn't that Hiro is being deliberately rude )

[Title] Light of the Living Dead
[Fandom] Death Note
[Rating] PG/PG-13
[Notes/Summary] The Japanese task force were finding it tricky enough dealing with shinigami, but now that zombies have been thrown into the mix, things can only get more difficult. (This AU has got somewhat out of hand in later days of Christmas.)

Part 1 )

Part 2 )

[Title] Power of Three
[Fandom] Torchwood
[Rating] PG-13
[Notes/Summary] Andy, Gwen and Rhys stagger home after having defeated an alien menace. (The same alien menace, in fact, that was present in the first of the four propositions.) Written for [livejournal.com profile] rushikayu13, who requested Andy, Gwen and Rhys interacting like normal people.

Apparently they're a secret organisation, did you know? )

[Title] No Laughing Matter
[Fandom] Battle Royale (movie)
[Rating] PG
[Notes/Summary] Yutaka's finding comedy a lot more difficult now he's in a death game.

He hasn't been trying to get us out of here at all )

[Title] Best-Laid Plans
[Fandom] Merlin/Battle Royale
[Rating] PG
[Pairing] Merlin/Kazuo Kiriyama
[Notes/Summary] Merlin was only trying to be nice. Written for [livejournal.com profile] lycoris, who requested the pairing ;)

Merlin suspected that things had gone wrong somewhere )
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[Title] Winner's Satisfaction
[Fandom] Death Note/Battle Royale (manga)
[Rating] PG-13, maybe R, for violence, cursing, and slashy making out
[Characters/Pairings] Mello/Kazuo Kiriyama

Written for and posted to [livejournal.com profile] dn_contest, prompt "crossover". *shifty eyes* It's all Kazuo's fault.

Your IQ is two points higher than mine )
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So, yeah, I wrote one-shot fic for my own amusement.

[Title] Remorse
[Fandom] Death Note/Battle Royale (both manga)
[Rating] R for sex and violence
[Pairing] Kazuo Kiriyama/Touta Matsuda (also slight Raito/Matsuda)
[Notes/Summary] Set post-manga. Matsuda is trying to move on from the Kira case, but the introduction of another perfect killer into his life is making that difficult. (Possibly I need a 'Kazuo Kiriyama is a sex god' tag on this LJ.)

Showed no remorse on being accused )
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[Title] Sunlight Apathy
[Fandom] Battle Royale/Death Note
[Rating] PG for kissing
[Pairing] Kazuo Kiriyama/L
[Notes/Summary] While hanging around Tokyo University, L runs into a person who intrigues him almost as much as Raito does. May not fit entirely with DN canon, and is a BR AU in that (presumably) Class B were never chosen for the Program. I still find writing from L's POV a bit head-melting. Written for and crossposted to [livejournal.com profile] 40fandoms.

I was under the impression that university was supposed to be fun )


Jan. 2nd, 2008 09:18 pm
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Written for and posted to [livejournal.com profile] 12dayschristmas (and one posted on [livejournal.com profile] death_note.

This day had a theme. This theme is 'Raito Yagami' *guilt* Hence the Death Note quality of most of these fics.

[Title] Waiting for the New World (Part 1 and Part 2)
[Fandom] Death Note
[Rating] PG-13 to R-ish for sex
[Pairing] Raito Yagami/Touta Matsuda
[Notes/Summary] Raito is waiting for a new phase of life to begin, but boredom and uneasiness force him to seek a distraction. Spoilers for DN contained within the fic. A two-parter (so two lonely people fics ^^) - second part can be reached from the first.

Fear, and the scent of sugar on the air

[Title] Nothing Left
[Fandom] Death Note
[Rating] PG-13 for slight mention of self-harm and morbidity
[Notes/Summary] Set after the end of the manga. Misa doesn't feel like herself any more. (Some odd stuff going on with pronouns here. This was intentional, more or less.)

Sipping spoonfuls of blood )

[Title] Choose Your Future
[Fandom] Death Note/Harry Potter
[Rating] G
[Notes/Summary] Harry Potter AU. An eleven-year-old Misa discusses Sorting. (And Raito has become Light in this fic, mainly because it felt more HP-ish. Sorry for lack of consistency.)

He sounds like a Slytherin to me )

[Title] Justice and Mercy
[Fandom] Death Note/Battle Royale (manga)
[Rating] G
[Notes/Summary] Raito and Shuuya discuss music and morality.

Someone has to make sure justice is done )

[Title] Cold Hearts
[Fandom] Death Note/Battle Royale
[Rating] R for sex and violence
[Pairing] Kazuo Kiriyama/Raito Yagami
[Notes/Summary] Kazuo and Raito are fighting for their lives, and only one can survive... set during Volume 2 of DN, and with the BR situation advanced by two years. Link below.

Some kind of sociopath

[Title] Voice of God
[Fandom] Death Note
[Rating] PG-13 for sex stuff
[Pairing] Raito Yagami/Teru Mikami
[Notes/Summary] Mikami worships Kira in the only way he can.

His voice is so powerful )

[Title] Experimentation
[Fandom] Death Note
[Rating] PG-13 (maybe R) for sex
[Pairing] Raito/L
[Notes/Summary] L attempts to investigate Raito's mindset in another way. Written somewhat confusingly.

L has never been lonely )
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Damn it all, why has it got cold again?

Ahem. [livejournal.com profile] lycoris is getting really good at encouraging me to write random crossovers. Either that or Kazuo Kiriyama has decided that, being perfect in everything, he needs to sleep with more people than Mitsuko, and so has gone searching other universes for interesting partners. Or maybe I really will slash anyone. Either way, I bring you random drabble of doom.

[Title] Signs of Life
[Rating] R for cursing and sex
[Fandom] Battle Royale manga and Torchwood, set between Combat and Captain Jack Harkness.
[Notes/Summary] Erm... random Kazuo/Owen weirdness. Because Owen is angsty and Kazuo is weird.

This is the quietest sex Owen's ever had )
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It is the eleventh day of Christmas and I bring ye all eleven nighttime trysts of various sorts, possibly involving some broad interpretation of the word 'tryst'. *nods*

[Title] Normality
[Rating] PG
[Fandom] Battle Royale manga
[Notes/Summary] Shuuya/Noriko fluff, set after the end of the manga.

We actually made it )

[Title] Imagination
[Rating] PG
[Fandom] Akira manga; slightly AU in that Kaneda agrees to stay with Kei that night in Book 5
[Notes/Summary] *points to last sentence* Kaneda/Kei fluff.

He hadn't thought it'd be like this )

[Title] Combat
[Rating] G
[Fandom] Akira manga
[Notes/Summary] A possible past meeting between the Colonel and Chiyoko.

How stupid do you think I am? )

[Title] Trust
[Rating] PG-13
[Fandom] Akira
[Notes/Summary] Kaneda/Kai/Yama threesome drabble.

It's all about trust )

[Title] Unreality, or Trust: Extended Remix ^^
[Rating] R
[Fandom] Akira
[Notes/Summary] Erm... a much longer Kaneda/Kai/Yama threesome ficlet.

It really was all Yamagata's fault.

[Title] Two Of Us
[Rating] PG-13
[Fandom] Akira
[Notes/Summary] Tetsuo's not sorry one of the gang has been lost. Sequel to the second of the drinking session fics.

Is this about Kai? )

[Title] The Bright Side
[Rating] PG
[Fandom] Akira
[Notes/Summary] Kaneda/Kei. Kaneda's still optimistic.

I suppose there's one good thing about all this )

[Title] Companions
[Rating] G
[Fandom] Akira movie
[Notes/Summary] Mention of Tetsuo/Kaori, abusive!Tetsuo, another loosely defined tryst.

It all felt like a dream )

[Title] Cheap
[Rating] R
[Fandom] Battle Royale
[Notes/Summary] Another Class-B-didn't-die AU. Takako/Niida.

This should be better than it is )

[Title] Peace
[Rating] PG-13
[Fandom] Akira
[Notes/Summary] Yamagata/Kai drabble, some consent issues.

What else was he supposed to do? )

[Title] Genius
[Rating] PG-13
[Fandom] Digimon and Battle Royale
[Notes/Summary] Erm... Kazuo Kiriyama/Ken Ichijouji fic. Dubious consent, I don't know why I wrote this ^^

Ken Ichijouji really hates being confused )


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