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1. Fall Awake - Portal (G)
Chell awakens for the first time in Portal 2.

2. Improv Battle - Jet Set Radio (PG, some violence)
The GGs' first offensive hasn't gone so well.

3. The Pact - Azumanga Daioh / Battle Royale (G)
At the start of ninth grade, the girls get to talking about what they'd do in The Program.

4. Rightful Places - The Hunger Games (G)
The Games have always been there, for as long as Effie can remember.

5. Nothing But - Lewis (G)
Hathaway muses on intention. SPOILERS for episode Life Born of Fire.

6. Best Friends - Azumanga Daioh (G)
Chiyo-chan's never been scared of Mr Tadakichi.

7. Marauding - Harry Potter / Battle Royale (PG)
James Potter is not scared. Not at all.

8. Preparing for a Journey to the Other Side - Battle Royale (PG, mention of death/terminal illness)
Shuuya's always kind of believed in life after death.

9. First Dream of the New Year - Detective Academy Q (PG)
Megu/Kinta fluff. The two meet up for New Year's Eve.

10. All I Ever Learnt - Akira (G)
Kaneda doesn't like school much, and it seems like Tetsuo won't either.

11. In Our Differences - X-Men (G)
Kurt has always known how different he is.

12. Animal Instincts - Animorphs / Dante's Cove (PG-13 for sex references)
After the war, some of the team have relocated. Marco has some concerns. (Thought-speech in italics.)

13. Becoming a Legend - Gitaroo Man (G)
U-1 kind of misses having superpowers.

14. Problem Children - Battle Royale / X-Men: Apocalypse (PG-13 for language and violence)
Hirono Shimizu has been recruited to help end the world. Which should be incredible, but is perhaps not all it's cracked up to be.

15. Growing Up Together - Malory Towers (G)
Bill and Thunder have always been together.

16. It Consumes You - Until Dawn (PG-13 for death and language)
MAJOR SPOILERS. Chris considers emotions and friendships.

17. The Future Lies Before You - Life is Strange (PG)
MAJOR SPOILERS. Max/Chloe ficlet.

18. Spades Heart Diamond - Homestuck (PG)
Spades Slick/Diamonds Droog ficlet. Slick is really not sure he's okay with this.

19. Life Finding a Way - Misfits / Jurassic Park (PG-13, mainly for language)
They should never have trusted Nathan to behave at the safari park.

20. Bringing in the Spring - Death Note / Afro-Ken (G)
Post-canon, Matsuda has an odd but pleasant meeting.

21. The Quiet Ones - Saiyuki (PG, maybe PG-13, for language and mention of violence)
Sometimes Gojyo's puzzled by Hakkai.

22. When There Is Only Hope - LIFE / Battle Royale (PG, mention of death, bullying, suicide)
Set after the end of LIFE. Ayumu wants to do the right thing, even if it doesn't change anything.

23. Living Legend - Battle Royale / Gitaroo Man (G)
Shuuya's discovered his destiny. His friends aren't convinced.

24. At the Setting of the Sun I - Fringe (G)
Peter and Walter wait in a darkening town for something to happen. Consider this set during season 1.

25. At the Setting of the Sun II - Fringe / Homestuck (G)
Olivia searches in the darkness, having picked up a slightly unusual ally.

26. Blood and Water - Repo! The Genetic Opera (PG-13, mention of death, brief implied incest, drug use)
Set post-canon. Graverobber thinks he knows why Shilo is being kept safe.

27. Patching Back Together - LIFE (PG, brief mention of suicide)
Ayumu and Shii-chan meet again.

28. White Whales - Homestuck / Death Note (PG, underage drinking)
Roxy skips class to drink of the roof. She regrets nothing.

29. Puppeteers - X-Men / Homestuck (PG, implications of neglectful child-rearing)
Dave weighs up the pros and cons of home vs. Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters.

30. Let Yourself Be - LIFE / Saw (R, death traps and gore)
Miki Hatori never breaks. Until now, maybe. (Slight Ayumu/Hatori hints.)

31. Everyday Weird - Animorphs (PG)
Post-series, Jake tries to process the new normal.

32. Meeting of Minds - Battle Royale / Malory Towers (PG)
Shinji and Alicia elect to form an alliance, because why not? Shinji/Alicia references.

33. Nothing to Miss - Buffy the Vampire Slayer (PG, very brief mention of implied self-harm)
Set between S5 and S6. Dawn tries to process what's happened.

34. Trying to Keep Order - The Demon Headmaster / Battle Royale (PG)
Lloyd's determined to protect Harvey in this game. With his other friends, it's not so clear.

35. In Pursuit of Justice - Homestuck / Repo! The Genetic Opera (R, violence)
Terezi knows what Vriska's up to, and repossession should only be about justice.

36. To See His True Face - Death Note (PG-13, hate!sex)
Mello/Raito. Mello has got this entirely under control. More or less.

37. For Science - Fringe / Buffy the Vampire Slayer (PG)
To combat the latest threat to Sunnydale, Giles takes Buffy to visit an old acquaintance.

38. Honest Night's Work - Doctor Who (classic series) / Five Nights at Freddy's (PG)
Jamie's not sure he likes this foray into gainful employment.

39. What We'd Rather Forget - Endeavour (PG, drug use reference)
Small spoilers for S4 episode Canticle. Morse isn't particularly keen on facing his colleagues in the aftermath.

40. Guardian Angel - Ashes to Ashes (PG)
Gene doesn't worry about his team.
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[Title] Bringing in the Spring
[Fandom] Death Note / Afro-Ken
[Rating] G
[Notes/Summary] Post-canon, Matsuda has an odd but pleasant meeting.

Now he can look at himself and see what Raito saw )

[Title] The Quiet Ones
[Fandom] Saiyuki
[Rating] PG, maybe PG-13, for language and mention of violence
[Notes/Summary] Sometimes Gojyo's puzzled by Hakkai.

Hakkai is the politest person Gojyo's ever met )
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01: One Phone Call - Battle Royale/Ringu (G)
Mimura is 99% sure that video he found online was a hoax... at least, that's what he's telling Yutaka.

02: Secret Games - Death Note/Malory Towers (G)
Gwendoline Lacey has a new friend, but she's pretty sure the task she's doing for him is harmless...

03: Welcome To the Real World - Akira (PG)
A piece from the school nurse's POV, looking at her relationship with Kaneda in book one.

04: Setting Sun - Doctor Who/Torchwood (PG-13 for cursing and gloom)
Set during the year that never was, while the Master ruled Earth. Owen and Toshiko can't afford to react to bad news any more.

05: Being the Loser - Cruel Intentions (PG-13 for language and sex references)
Post-movie; Cecile has a chance meeting with Kathryn.

06: Courage - Malory Towers/Harry Potter (G)
Two unlikely Gryffindors take comfort from each other's weakness. Set during Goblet of Fire.

07: Compulsions - Death Note (PG-13)
Raito has always known the difference between desire and action. Raito/Misa; Raito/Matsuda; implied Raito/L.

08: Doubles - Torchwood/Battle Royale (G)
Toshiko welcomes a girl from a parallel universe. Very implied Toshiko/Satomi.

09: System Crash Unbroken Hearts - Battle Royale/Jet Set Radio (PG)
Shinji Mimura and Hirono Shimizu run into each other in unexpected circumstances. JSR AU.

10: Misfits - Akira (manga)/Stephen King's 'Carrie' (PG-13 for violence)
Two dangerous teenagers meet and discuss revenge. I have no idea when this is taking place.

11: Thriller - Sweet Valley High (PG for making out)
Elizabeth Wakefield/Luke Shepherd (the boy from the Horror in London trilogy). Elizabeth has always been able to remain in control of her feelings, but when she's far from home, things are different. Set near the end of the first book in aforementioned trilogy.

12: Kindred Spirits - Battle Royale/Harry Potter (G)
Implied Yonemi Kamon/Dolores Umbridge. Two teachers meet and find common ground.

13: Looking in Dreams - Harry Potter/Battle Royale/Malory Towers (PG)
Three similar people meet in dreams.

14: Sunlight Apathy - Death Note/Battle Royale (PG for making out)
While hanging around Tokyo University, L runs into a person who intrigues him almost as much as Raito does. May not fit entirely with DN canon, and is a BR AU in that (presumably) Class B were never chosen for the Program.

15: Silver and Red - What Katy Did at School (PG)
Rose Red/Mary Silver. People think they understand Rose and Mary's friendship.

16: No Day But Today - Saiyuki (PG)
Cho Gonou reflects on living from day to day.

17: Soulmates - Death Note/Torchwood (PG-13 for language and mention of sex)
Toshiko Sato/Teru Mikami. College AU, of sorts, as I suspect the two of them were not in college in the same time and place. Toshiko muses on words and relationships.

18: No Business Like Showbusiness - Chicago (PG-13 for mention of death and sex)
On her way to prison, Velma reflects on the life skills she possesses.

19: Doubles - Azumanga Daioh/Battle Royale (G)
Two girls with the same name discover that they're not so different.

20: The End of an Era - Jill Murphy's 'Worst Witch' books (PG)
As Mildred prepares to leave Cackle's Academy, she reconciles with an old enemy.

21: Legal Niceties - Death Note/Legally Blonde (PG-13 for mention of violence)
Elle Woods seeks to bond with her rather unsociable co-worker.

22: Secrets Under the Skin - Heroes (PG for mention of self-harm)
Set shortly before the start of season 1. Claire wonders about people's secrets.

23: Death is a Violinist - Detective Academy Q (G)
Kyuu accompanies Ryu as the latter heads off to a case.

24: Feeling the Fear - Thunderbirds (G)
During his first rescue, Scott Tracy remembers a childhood coping mechanism.

25: Dying Rebels - Battle Royale/Doctor Who (PG-13)
Ryuhei and Yukie have survived the Master's regime so far, but how long will their coping strategies hold out? Slight Ryuhei/Yukie.

26: Five Times Haruka Tanizawa and Hirono Shimizu Kissed - Battle Royale (PG-13)
As the title says.

27: Garden of Eden - Malory Towers/Diana Wynne Jones's 'Charmed Life' (G)
Gwendoline meets a girl who has to be her perfect friend.

28: Like Calls to Like - Battle Royale/Cruel Intentions (PG)
Kathryn Mertueil and Mitsuko Souma declare war.

29: No Choices - Jet Set Radio/Saw (PG-13 for general Saw-ness)
Beat, Gum and Tab are put to the ultimate test...

30: The Nature of Justice - Death Note/Saw (PG-13, possibly R, for violence)
Raito chose to bring an ally into his war against L... and now three high-minded geniuses are attempting to do what's right.

31: The In-Crowd - Sweet Valley High/Harry Potter (G)
Jessica has always been the bad twin, but now she's taking this to new levels...

32: And Still You Stay - Azumanga Daioh (G)
Chiyo and Sakaki visit the pet shop.

33: Thoughtcrime - Battle Royale/1984 (PG)
Battle Royale 1984 AU; Satomi knows her friends are fighting a losing battle, but is she any better? (I know that as the girls are Japanese they should be living in Eastasia under the Way of Self-Immolation, but that would've required too much original thinking.)

34: Duet - Chicago/Bugsy Malone (G)
Two girls meet and talk before an audition.

35: Success - KareKano (His and Her Circumstances)/Battle Royale (PG)
Yukino Miyazawa has always been perfect... but how will she cope when tragedy strikes?

36: Footsteps - KareKano (His and Her Circumstances) (G)
Tsukino is worried, and talks to Kano.

37: Homeland - Miss Saigon (G)
Post-musical. A grown-up Tam returns to the land of his birth.

38: Pregame - West Side Story (musical) (PG)
The night before the rumble; two of the Jets prepare.

39: Warmth - Malory Towers (PG)
Daphne/Mary-Lou; set after the girls have finished school.

40: Ambition - Jet Set Radio (G)
Set pre-game; Gum and Tab discuss their future.
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My journal is going to get more fic-heavy as I have a backlog. Sorry in advance.

Both of these written for and crossposted to [livejournal.com profile] 40fandoms.
[Title] No Day But Today
[Fandom] Saiyuki
[Rating] PG
[Notes/Summary] Cho Gonou reflects on living from day to day.

Behind him there is blood and screaming )

[Title] Soulmates
[Fandom] Death Note/Torchwood
[Rating] PG-13 for language and mention of sex
[Pairing] Toshiko Sato/Teru Mikami
[Notes/Summary] College AU, of sorts, as I suspect the two of them were not in college in the same time and place. Toshiko muses on words and relationships.

Doesn't he understand her more than anyone else? )
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So, like, you could rewrite the Badger song with 'coffee' for badger, 'biscuits' for mushroom and 'cake' for snake. And it would be cool.


My brother has left. We spent the entire weekend watching DVDs, eating, showing each other interesting stuff on the Net, and walking to and from town. Twas cool. We also worked out, kind of, a cast list for a live-action version of Saiyuki. (This is what I do with my brother. Either that or discuss who's smarter, Yamagata or Jade Goody.)

The cast list (what I remember of it) put here because I want to have a copy in written form )


Had my first two lectures today. One of them is with Excitable Russian lecturer. And it's on chaos. This should be interesting ^^ (realised that second semester of second year was the only one with no Russian lecturers in it. No wonder everyone was so gloomy).


Wrote snarky letter to the TV licensing people. So there.
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Opened non-family presents. I received a gorgeous turquoise scarf from Godmother 1, the Benrik diary 2007 from Godmother 2 (it looks even crazier than the one [livejournal.com profile] robert_frogg had, so I doubt I'll actually do any of the challenges!) and Saiyuki 8 from [livejournal.com profile] lycoris *glomp* It's very good and I read it squealing and yelling "Hakkai!" (Nik: Can't you read quietly?) Thank you! :D (Also your present will be posted tomorrow.)

Anyway, it is also the first day of Christmas, and so without further ado I present a fic that's rather angsty:

[Title] Looking
[Fandom] Battle Royale, probably novel canon
[Rating] PG-13 for character death
[Notes/Summary] Kazuo Kiriyama didn't need the Program, really.

This was an experiment, and it's good to see that the results are what he expected. )
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Pinched from [livejournal.com profile] disks_smilie

Without looking at the questions, pick 12 of your characters.

1) Genjyo Sanzo
2) Tetsuo Shima
3) Sirius Black
4) Kaori (from Akira)
5) Yuko Sakaki
6) Hiroki Sugimura
7) Mitsuru Numai
8) Kazushi Niida
9) Cube
10) Mew
11) Satomi Noda
12) Yamagata

Les Questions )
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Chapter Four of my Akira Battle Royale is up here.

A day late, because I had earache yesterday and felt crap. Also forgot it was Monday, and by the time I remembered, I had retired to bed with Saiyuki 1-6 and didn't feel like getting up.

Cho Hakkai is still love.

Annnd I've just forgotten to make a phone call about a potential waitressing job this weekend. I suck -_-
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Ganked from [livejournal.com profile] lycoris.

1. Post a list of 10 books/movies/TV shows that you've had a fannish love of at some time in your life.
2. Have your friends guess your favorite character from each one.
3. You can cross out the show/movie/book and put the character when someone guesses right.

In no particular order...

1) Biker Mice From Mars
2) Ghost In The Shell Batou, guessed by [livejournal.com profile] angrychemist
3) Dog City
4) Saiyuki Cho Hakkai, guessed by [livejournal.com profile] lycoris
5) Bugsy Malone Blousey Brown, guessed by [livejournal.com profile] lycoris
6) The Song of the Lioness quartet Alanna, guessed by [livejournal.com profile] lycoris
8) Little Shop of Horrors Seymour, guessed by [livejournal.com profile] lycoris
9) Chobits Chi, guessed by [livejournal.com profile] lycoris
10) Power Stone 2

Apologies for the random selection there - I had to omit Jet Set Radio, Akira, Battle Royale and Lost because I can't pick a favourite character! (Maybe that's what makes me want to actually write fic for something...)

Am currently reading an advice book for teenage girls. The first chapter was quite useful, but I can't take the others totally seriously. I think my favourite quote so far is 'Women's sexuality is one of the most powerful forces in the world'. I guess it testifies to my anime geek-ness that I thought 'I reckon Tetsuo's psychic powers are stronger.' I fail at life ^^

Short(ish) rant on periods and certain people's comments on them )

This book is trying to keep a foot in every PC camp possible. It's actually quite entertaining.
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1: Crying at Weddings - RENT (PG)
Maureen blames the entire fight on Joanne - and weddings.

2: Sunflowers - LIFE (G)
Ayumu loves both of her friends.

3: Paint it Black - Death Note (G)
Sachiko helps Sayu to recuperate.

4: A Skid Row Thing - Little Shop of Horrors (film) (PG)
Audrey is grateful for what she has, even if she yearns for more.

5: Dance Hall Blues - Jet Set Radio Future (G)
Beat resents his gangmates' fondness for stupid dancing.

6: Miss Ho Chi Minh - Miss Saigon (PG)
After the fall of Saigon, Gigi thinks about what could have been.

7: Lone Wolf - Azumanga Daioh (G)
Kagura tries to help Sakaki with her cat issues.

8: Dearly Departed - Chicago (PG)
Roxie and Velma don't talk about what they really have in common.

9: Guilty Survivors - Carrie (PG-13)
AU; what if Chris Hargensen had survived the disaster?

10: Dusk - My Neighbour Totoro (G)
Set some years post-movie. Mei wants to know why Satsuki is lonesome.

11: Fading Away - BBC's Look and Read: Through the Dragon's Eye (G)
Morris already knows he's helpless against Charn's powers.

12: Mermaids - Gerry Anderson's Stingray (G)
Atlanta and Troy talk about nightmares.

13: Stains - Last Friends (PG)
After Michiru returns to Sousuke, she reflects on how she spends her time.

14: Levity - Being Human (G)
Short ficlet from the POV of the priest in S1's episode 6.

15: Reunion - Detective Academy Q (G)
Post-canon. Megu and Kinta reunite after some time apart.

16: Depths of Silence - Battle Royale (manga) (PG)
Slight Hiroki Sugimura/Kayoko Kotohiki. AU in who survived the game. The lucky few flee Japan.

17: Mourning - Akira (manga) (PG)
Kei reacts to killing for the first time.

18: Drained - Torchwood (PG)
Gwen's reactions to the events of They Keep Killing Suzie.

19: Rain and Snow - Saiyuki (G)
Set soon after Goku gets over his fear of snow.

20: Where the Heart Is - Bugsy Malone (G)
Tallulah gets a phone call from her mother.

21: Reality Check - Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni (PG-13)
Set during the first arc; Keiichi realises he has no one he can rely on but himself.

22: Through a Glass Darkly - West Side Story (PG)
Set post-movie - Maria struggles to go on with her life.

23: To Think About What You've Done - Zoe, a modern opera on British TV in 2000 (PG)
Luke has time to reflect.

24: The Pass List is Out - Malory Towers (G)
Set when Alicia and Betty are at university at St Andrews.

25: Sometimes, You Need to Wash Your Life - Afro-Ken (PG-13)
Afro-Ken helps people get back on their feet, sometimes without them even realising.

26: The Study of Change - Tamora Pierce's Song of the Lioness (G)
Alanna asks Alex for help with mathematics.

27: System Restored - Chobits (PG)
Kotoko is relieved that Hideki's persocom-related incompetence hasn't damaged Plum.

28: Childhood Fears - Roald Dahl's Matilda (PG)
Miss Honey reflects on motherhood.

29: End of the Story - Cruel Intentions (PG-13)
Set post-movie. Cecile and Ronald talk.

30: The Rat Run - Charlie Higson's Young Bond series (PG)
James Bond runs into an acquaintance from the past.

31: Drinking to Victory - 1984 (G)
Set after the novel's climax. Winston considers gin.

32: First Times - Black Lagoon (PG-13)
The Lagoon Company each reveal the first time they got drunk.

33: Dreamscape - Doctor Who (G)
Set post-S4. Donna dreams.

34: After Saving the World - Gitaroo Man (G)
Set post-game. U-1 wishes he were still a hero.

35: Your Family is Different - Sweet Valley High (G)
Jessica and Elizabeth's daughters each think the other one has a better deal.

36: Happy Ending - Harry Potter (G)
Neville reflects on his family.

37: Time Out - Jet Set Radio (G)
Tab tells Mew how the GGs found the Garage.

38: View From Inside - Revolutionary Girl Utena (anime)
Set post-series. Miki writes a letter to Anthy.

39: Prestige - KareKano (His and Her Circumstances) (G)
Yukino considers a childhood incident, and wonders what it says about her.

40: Companions - Portal (PG)
When you're trapped in a lethal game, you'll take any friends you can get.


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