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1. Other Christmases - Ashes to Ashes (G)
Alex lives through Christmas 1981. Again.

2. Thinking Up a Good Story - Battle Royale/Hunger Games (PG)
Chisato probably doesn't have a hope of winning, but maybe Shinji does?

3. Digging the Mainstream - Jet Set Radio (PG)
The GGs are cool with most music. Mew's glad about it.

4. Chosen Ones - Battle Royale/Portal (PG)
Doug Rattmann and Mizuho Inada know each other from way back. Mizuho's happy about the reunion. Doug's not so sure.

5. Protector - Battle Royale (PG)
Takako Chigusa and Hiroki Sugimura have always been friends. Now they're stuck in a Battle Royale together, Takako knows what she has to do.

6. Beta Kids: Wake Up - Homestuck (G)
Jade likes to think about how her friends live, even though she's never seen their homes.

7. Silence is Deafening - Endeavour (G)
Set between season 2 and season 3. Morse is hearing something but he doesn't know what it is.

8. There Is No Dog - Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles / Afro-Ken (G)
Savannah tells Ellison about her new friend.

9. Mind the Gap - The Confessions of Dorian Gray (G)
Dorian dislikes tube trains.

10. Shadow Puppets - Battle Royale / X-Men: Days of Future Past (PG)
Charles Xavier/Kazuo Kiriyama. Charles should be frightened. He's everything but.

11. Leaving the Nest - The Demon Headmaster (G)
Lloyd and Dinah are going to university. Their mother is worried. Harvey knows she doesn't need to be.

12. The Soul of a Slayer - Buffy the Vampire Slayer / His Dark Materials (G)
Xander and Willow are a little surprised by Buffy's daemon.

13. Wrong Place, Wrong Time - Akira (manga) (PG-13, mainly for language)
Kaisuke wishes other people's bad choices weren't coming back to bite him.

14. Crying in the Dark - The Hunger Games (G)
Post-canon. Katniss tries to work out what being a mother means to her.

15. Birthday Surprises - Detective Academy Q (PG)
Kyuu and his mother throw Ryu a surprise party.

16. Shadow Puppets - Ayatsuri Sakon (PG)
Kaoruko can't understand why Sakon keeps discovering murders.

17. File Corruption - Portal (PG, very brief mention of possible suicide)
Post-canon. Chell is a survivor. But who is she?

18. Roots - Zoe (PG-13 maybe R, for language, mentions of self-harm, mentions of incest. Spoilers)
In prison, Zoe tries to come to terms with who and what she really is.

19. Methods of Enslaving Humanity - The Demon Headmaster / Animorphs (G)
Lloyd and Harvey are looking for evidence. So are some other people.

20. Rough Diamonds - The Hunger Games (movie) / His Dark Materials (G)
Katniss is not impressed by Effie's daemon. But then, the Capitol isn't impressed by hers, either.

21. Paradise - Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (PG)
Riley/Jessie. Riley can't believe she's found her way into this heaven.

22. Setting Sun - Battle Royale / The Sarah Jane Adventures (PG-13 for death)
Rani, Luke and Clyde are trapped in a fight to the death. They can only hope Sarah Jane will find them soon.

23. Doing It For Art - Animorphs (G)
Rachel has come up with the perfect cover story. Marco's not convinced.

24. Stationery Store - Azumanga Daioh / Death Note (G)
The girls have found a mysterious black notebook. Debate ensues about what to do next.

25. Hidden in Plain Sight - Repo! The Genetic Opera (PG)
After Marni's death, Mag visits Nathan.

26. Maze of Silence - Blake's 7 / Portal (PG)
Post-series (spoilers for Blake's 7) Avon finds himself with a possible new ally.

27. Everyone Has Limits - Malory Towers / Harry Potter (PG-13 for non-graphic torture)
Set during Deathly Hallows. Alicia is confident she can cope with the difficulties of being at Hogwarts. The others aren't so sure.

28. Butter Side Up - Inception / Red Dwarf (G)
After the events of canon, Cobb finds a new line of work. This time it's getting people out of dreams.

29. If the Sparks are There - Death Note / The Hunger Games (G)
Katniss may have found an ally in the arena. Or she may have found another enemy.

30. Benevolence - Blake's 7 / Malory Towers (G)
Sally's the only one who doesn't like the new girl.

31. Subcultures - Lewis (PG)
Lewis sees Hathaway differently depending on where they are.

32. Rest and Recreation - Blake's 7 (PG, slight alcohol abuse)
Avon reflects on drinking with Vila.

33. Doublethink - Death Note / The Demon Headmaster (G)
Dinah feels like she's leading a double life, even if all she is doing is talking to Light.

34. The Unthinkable - Malory Towers (PG)
Darrell/June. June is different from how she used to be.

35. Camouflage - Azumanga Daioh (G, mention of bullying)
AU - Osaka was reallocated to another class after all. But she's sure making new friends will be fine.

36. Only One Answer - Detective Academy Q / Saw (PG-13 for violence)
Jigsaw wanted to make Q Class play a game.

37. Points of Light Among the Stars - Doctor Who (classic series) (PG)
Jamie/Zoe. Zoe doesn't take Jamie for granted.

38. Thanks Giving - X-Men: Days of Future Past (PG)
Hank is grateful for the serum. Mention of Charles/Hank.

39. Oblivion - Death Note (PG)
Post-canon. Matsuda tries to stop himself thinking too much.

40. On the Way to the City of Angels - Bugsy Malone (G)
Bugsy and Blousey skipped town and are making their way to Hollywood, at last.
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