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AKA Tallulah gets way too excited about ad for Bronte sister action figures. But it has the word "Brontesaurus" in, so how can you blame me? ;)
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Not only can I sometimes write fic, I can also fill in a feedback form to Virgin Media elaborating on just why my broadband experience with them was not super-special awesome. Life is GOOD!

[Title] In the Shadows
[Rating] R, possibly NC-17. It's sex. I don't know.
[Pairing] Raito/Ide
[Warnings] AU, kind of rough mind-game-y sex
[Word Count] 3,954 (... argh)
[A/N] I had sudden inspiration this morning, so haven't had a chance to leave this for a long time before going back over it. Written for [livejournal.com profile] dn_contest, prompt "pornography"; I'm beginning to realise I'm weak for Raito/Ide, and so this seemed the perfect excuse >_>

The 'murdering psychotic bastard' line has probably eliminated both of those possibilities tonight. )
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I really don't know. Well... obviously when we die, our body becomes unable to function as a fully working entity any more and so it stops (she said intelligently) ^^

What bothers me is how this would feel while it's happening. The idea that you would be aware of what it feels like to die really freaks me out. I think I would rather that once you die, you are just gone. That's it. There is no more 'you' behind the eyes, nothing else to notice. That sort of freaks me out, but I figure once it happens I wouldn't notice, so it'd be okay ^^

My concept of Heaven is a bit vague, partly because Heaven is very much (for me) associated with loving God and being with Him and I don't think I've ever felt it really. I mean, the idea of eternal bliss bothers me a bit as it suggests eternal consciousness and I'm not sure how feasible that is.

What really scares me is that I would "let go", fall into death, and then face something horrible, i.e. Hell.

I generally try and avoid thinking about this too much because it's not like there's anything much I can do about it.

Quick, let's talk about books instead )

I've been rubbish as doing much writing this week, which is a pain. I've also been terribly hungry for a lot of it. We went out for lunch to commiserate my line manager leaving, and I had a whole large pizza. This rarely happens. Tomorrow there is an evening leaving do for him, which is supposed to involve curry. We'll see what happens. Today I had a 'let's make sure you're ok with everything and won't have any loose ends after I've left' meeting with him in the canteen, which was kind of sad because the first meeting I ever had with him was there too.

My LJ gets really slow when I've written this much *prods it*

Also, I could totally have a 'death' tag in my LJ, but I shy away from the effort involved in going back and tagging all relevant entries.
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So, like, you could rewrite the Badger song with 'coffee' for badger, 'biscuits' for mushroom and 'cake' for snake. And it would be cool.


My brother has left. We spent the entire weekend watching DVDs, eating, showing each other interesting stuff on the Net, and walking to and from town. Twas cool. We also worked out, kind of, a cast list for a live-action version of Saiyuki. (This is what I do with my brother. Either that or discuss who's smarter, Yamagata or Jade Goody.)

The cast list (what I remember of it) put here because I want to have a copy in written form )


Had my first two lectures today. One of them is with Excitable Russian lecturer. And it's on chaos. This should be interesting ^^ (realised that second semester of second year was the only one with no Russian lecturers in it. No wonder everyone was so gloomy).


Wrote snarky letter to the TV licensing people. So there.
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Damn it all, why has it got cold again?

Ahem. [livejournal.com profile] lycoris is getting really good at encouraging me to write random crossovers. Either that or Kazuo Kiriyama has decided that, being perfect in everything, he needs to sleep with more people than Mitsuko, and so has gone searching other universes for interesting partners. Or maybe I really will slash anyone. Either way, I bring you random drabble of doom.

[Title] Signs of Life
[Rating] R for cursing and sex
[Fandom] Battle Royale manga and Torchwood, set between Combat and Captain Jack Harkness.
[Notes/Summary] Erm... random Kazuo/Owen weirdness. Because Owen is angsty and Kazuo is weird.

This is the quietest sex Owen's ever had )
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Christmas memes )



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Re: last night's student production of Henry V:


It was a very good production.


Why did I wikipedia the Saw movies? Was I on crack or something? Now I feel sick :(
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Okay, so... for some reason, my brother has an assignment to set up a Livejournal for Joseph K, the protagonist of Kafka's The Trial. He has asked me to tell y'all and go and comment on the LJ [livejournal.com profile] joseph_k101 as if the post is absolutely genuine. No knowledge of Kafka is required, he just wants comments.

And he is a very cool brother who bought me Battle Royale on DVD so he really deserves comments.

(I have no idea what's going on, but if you could leave him a comment he'd be very grateful. If you pimped this out to anyone else he'd be even more grateful. Thank you! ^_^V)

Edit: fannish5 meme!

What five characters would you want working for you if you were a supervillain plotting world domination?

Like Torchwood, only less Welsh... kinda )

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The following little ditty can be blamed on a combination of [livejournal.com profile] lycoris, a clip from AMV Hell 3, and my mathematical methods lecturer.

Narrated by everyone's favourite psychopath, Tetsuo.

The Fresh Prince of Neo-Tokyo )
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The last chapter of my Akira Battle Royale is up.

It would've been up sooner had I not suddenly noticed I can smell burnt plastic *wanders off to investigate, rather perturbed*
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Am having a quiet weekend in as I am incredibly tired for some reason.

Went to anime soc last night and watched Full Metal Panic. Missed the first episode due to the buses (I hate our bus service, it's the only one in town so there's absolutely no incentive for it to straighten up. Am tempted to write a rude letter to it just to make myself feel better). Anyway, yes, FMP was pretty good. Kind of reminded of Tintin, actually, in that you had the juxtaposition of madcap characters and Russian bases and explosions and death and silliness. Tintin with panty thieves and boobs, perhaps ^^ but it was all good. Again, don't know if I'd pay money to see more of it, but it was good and less filler-y than DNAngel - the episodes I saw had an ongoing plot and weren't self-contained at all. And I liked Sousuke and Kurz, they were cool and I wanted to glomp them.

And my video clock is now either nine hours fast or fifteen hours slow. Wtf, dude.
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I think I must've gone to bed wearing my contacts last night... this morning I got up, stumbled into the bathroom, stumbled back out, looked round my room and thought '... why is it that I can see?' Having established that I was not a walking miracle, and considering I don't remember putting my lenses in this morning, I can only assume I slept in them. My eyes have been feeling tender all day.

Anyway, memes.

Ganked from [livejournal.com profile] lycoris:

TV Asahi has again published a list of Japan's 100 favorite animated TV series. The list is based on an online poll of the Japanese populace.>

Bold the ones you've seen all of.
Italicize the ones you've seen some of.

The list. )

Ganked from [livejournal.com profile] kai_the_great

[Put your Playlist on Random, get five songs, and choose a pairing/situation to go with each song]

1) Vampire Punk Rockers From Hell by Inkubus Sukkubus
I'm getting a Cube vibe from this. Because it's black and dramatic, but it's also kind of silly, and I do think the girl has a sense of humour. I'm thinking it's like Cube and Coin getting a little tipsy and going out to wreak havoc on the neighbourhood and feeling all cool and hardcore ^^

2) Calypso by Suzanne Vega
Actually, I'm kind of getting a Yukie/Shuuya vibe from this. Cos it's all about the girl living on an island and then the guy is washed up on the shore and she takes him in but in the end she lets him leave and return to his wife far away (yes, it is Calypso from the Odyssey and why can't I spell that?) So in this case, I reckon it's about how Yukie bonds with Shuuya over him being brought ashore to the lighthouse, but in the end she has to accept that he wants Noriko, not her.

3) Lovefool by the Cardigans
Ah, nuts, this could be anyone. Well, okay, so it couldn't... hmm... probably has to be Yoshimi. Let's say Yoji does his whole 'omg bitch slut whore RAAARGH' thing before the BR actually happens... this song would sum up her response, I think.

4) Reise, Reise by Rammstein. I couldn't think of anything, okay? :p Oedo Stage from the Power Stone 2 soundtrack
It's Mew. Dancing as she skates. Possibly on a Japanese festival day ^^

5) Waterloo by ABBA
Actually, this kind of makes me think of Kei. Cos at first she's all 'eeuw, Kaneda, get away' and then in the end he 'wins' and gets her to like him, but she would 'feel like I win when I lose', I think. Also the military metaphor is kind of appropriate for Kei.
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Chapter Ten of my Akira Battle Royale is up! More Yamadrama. (Well, Yamagata is in this chapter, but I've only just realised that that rhymes and am finding it unecessarily amusing.)
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Was reading an article in The Telegraph about this guy who's making a TV drama about Myra Hindley, and he interviewed the psychologist who spoke to her a lot when she was in jail. He comments that:

The picture that emerges is of a kaleidoscopic personality, a classic 'hysteric', someone with no identifiable core who selects aspects of others' personalities and reflects them back as her own to make herself more acceptable yet simultaneously more inscrutable.

Which initially made me think of Kazuo Kiriyama, but also is kind of what I was going for with my character Kimiko Kurosaka in Akira Royale. Nice to know (well, not 'nice', more like 'interesting') that people like that do really exist and it's not all BR writers' crazy imaginations.

On another note, I'm joining the chorus of people who wish LJ would make the search function accessible when you're not logged in. Dammit, I want to be able to quickly browse [livejournal.com profile] fanficrants without having to spend the extra few seconds logging in! It is my right! *thumps table* Mainly because if I log in, I then feel I have to check my Friends page. And often I am only checking fanficrants to kill time before a lecture. And... yeah. *cough*

'fannish5 meme: What 5 fanfic cliches do you hate?' Fandoms: Akira, BR. Some snarky remarks, all my own opinions, no offence intended )
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Chapter Four of my Akira Battle Royale is up here.

A day late, because I had earache yesterday and felt crap. Also forgot it was Monday, and by the time I remembered, I had retired to bed with Saiyuki 1-6 and didn't feel like getting up.

Cho Hakkai is still love.

Annnd I've just forgotten to make a phone call about a potential waitressing job this weekend. I suck -_-
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*does dance of glee*


*is fangirl*
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Does anyone here possess either of the following songs?

Wake Up by Dope

Take Away by Revelation Theory

Normally I wouldn't beg, but I seriously could do with these, my brother can't find them to download, and they're not on Youtube.

I would do a general update, but I don't really have anything to say. Oh well.

Edit: Got the songs! Much love to [livejournal.com profile] sashwizzled.
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First off:

I don't know if, on MSN, it states whether somebody is logging in from MSN or Windows Messenger, but if it does: I DO NOT USE WINDOWS MESSENGER. Hotmail automatically logs me in whenever I check my e-mail but I don't realise. So if I'm logged in via Windows Messenger/in the morning or afternoon (as opposed to evening) please don't try and speak to me as I will not be able to respond. I'm not ignoring you, I just don't realise you're there.

Quick life update:

Still trying to find a job. According to the newspapers, student summer jobs are in short supply due to the massive influx of Eastern Europeans to the country. Sigh. Still, I'm not giving up yet. I got a little emo about it all yesterday but I'm all I WILL SURVIVE today.

Speaking of surviving, I think Satomi is dead either way ;_; but it's been a good long (definitely long) run and not a bad achievement for my first RP. I just need to get over the tiny amount of bitterness that I am not perfect ^_^ and then I'll be fine again, heh heh.

On a side note, I wish people who gave you crit for your fanfic could explain exactly why it is they don't like it. (Probably shouldn't have given her the URL for Don't Speak. It's not going to redeem her opinion of me. Ah well. I am going to be sociable and friendly to my grandfather.


Apr. 27th, 2006 07:50 pm
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I need to talk about We Need To Talk About Kevin!!!! I know someone on my Flist read it. Who were you and what did you think? Comment or I'll shoot you down with a crossbow
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To-Do List:

- M11. Entire sheet. However the tutor tomorrow may give me some of the answers. Either way it's not being started now, because I'm not in the right mood and would give up after a few minutes

- M13 I hate my lecturer and I hate my tutor because they are both MORONS. RAAARGH. Q1, parts (iii) (WTF? That's last year's syllabus! No fair!) and (iv) (looks suspiciously easy...), and Q3 part (i) (even the bit I thought I'd done has gone horribly wrong. Wail, angst, moan, etc)

- M14 Q3 which I have been working on for about four hours in the past two days and still sucks. The thing is I got really into it yesterday but in the end gave up and e-mailed my tutor and now she's e-mailed back and I'm not into it any more.

- Revise (eeek)

- Study the webpages of three other groups in my computing class, make notes, revise notes

- Ditto for own webpage

And soon I am going home, where the computer connected to the Net won't have AIM. I could download it, but I've forgotten my password AGAIN so this would mean resetting it for the second time and that's... kind of embarrassing. Eh. I'll notice if anything amazing happens on [livejournal.com profile] br_roleplay.

Okay, back to work/attempting to compose begging letters to tutors.
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