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Last night I dreamt that the woman I act as Editorial Assistant for was in the police force and she and Chris from Ashes to Ashes were hunting Jigsaw from the Saw movies. I have a bad feeling Jigsaw was looking to make Chris his new apprentice. Still, it was a surprisingly good dream, and a nice change from the usual motifs of being with my family and trying to pack/tidy up huge amounts of stuff and/or catch trains.

I have developed another cold. Clearly the world just doesn't WANT me to be productive.

This weekend is going to be the weekend in which I Begin Christmas, so if you would like a card from me, please go HERE.

I have now finished the first four days of the [livejournal.com profile] 12dayschristmas challenge, but that still leaves eight to go. So if you have any more prompts for me, please go HERE. will write porn for food
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Resume of my latest trip to lycoris-land, just because I can't not have a RL event recorded on LJ )

I think that's it. Currently sleepy. Had a nightmare that I was watching the Saw movies and trying to remember how to get out of the various traps. Woke up too scared to move and may have gone and searched living quarters to check there were no creepy puppets lying in wait for me >_>

Oh yes, meme (I can write the answers in longhand. I am slowly building up stuff written in longhand. Building up more can only be a good plan :D)

Ask me my fannish Top Five [Whatevers]. Any top fives. Doesn't matter what, really! And I will answer them all in a new post.

And, pinched from [livejournal.com profile] vashti:

LJ interests generator thing )
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This one ganked from [livejournal.com profile] sashwizzled.

1. Bold those books you've read.
2. Italicise started-but-never-finished.
3. Add three of your own.
4. Post to your livejournal.

500-odd books. Some children's books, yay! )

Ooh. Now that was like browsing in a library. I remember Tuck Everlasting was one of those books I saw on the shelf for years and never bothered to read.

Anyway. Dreamt last night of my graduation, my 21st birthday and my first day back at uni, and all three dreams were really stressful. Especially the 21st birthday one, which was disturbing.
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A few things: I'm having Psychologically Significant Battle Royale Dreams again (as opposed to just random ones); I've decided I don't really like ska music; [livejournal.com profile] lycoris has left but we had a really great week (well, I did); I finally saw Jurassic Park and felt I made the right choice not seeing it as a kid as it would have scared the pants off me; I also saw Serenity which I really liked (I liked JP too but it was scarier ^^); I still can't find a song about Kaori (from Akira, not BR); I think my family are getting very tired of me; and I am EMO. EMOOOOOOOOOO.


If anyone does know any songs they think might fit Kaori, please tell me! This is driving me nuts.

I also read the first volume of One Piece, watched the original black-and-white version of Little Shop Of Horrors (WTF, dudes. Just... what?) saw some more Doctor Who episodes (yay for the Seventh Doctor!) went to the zoo, saw three episodes of Stingray and could have sworn it was better when I was a kid, and... yeah. Watched/read some other stuff too (okay, the reading was mainly Sweet Valley Twins books, but so what? :p)

Edit: I owe Zarrah a meme, yey.

Here's a twist on the usual letter meme - comment and I'll give you a letter. Come up with ten song titles for it, and explain why you picked it.

Zarrah gave me an M... )

Edit 2: Got a song for Kaori! Hooray for a brother with an extensive music collection.
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Last night I actually had an Akira/Battle Royale crossover. It was really cool.

Dreamy dream dream )

Oooh - and I finished my Akira script! I now have an entire script of both dubs. Yay me.
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Yet another Battle Royale dream )

This is a "short break" from the ever-present revision. Vectors has too many letters in it.

Apologies to anyone I disappeared to on MSN last night. After I had words with/an annoying text message from (that I couldn't reply to because I have no credit on my phone) Tom, Duncan came in and we chatted for some time until I was less ready to break something, then I went and watched Desperate Housewives round at a friend's. So... sorry.
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Book meme, stolen from emeraldsword )

Hate revision. Hate it hate it hate it. Especially revision of vectors. Have got through it so far (two hours in two days -_-... still, it's the time that would have been taken up by vectors lectures if the course was still going) by copious application of show tunes/cheesy pop songs.
(I think it's a shame I Will Survive has become such a cliche, because it's actually really good ^_^)
Anyway, so I revised and worked a lot like a good girl for the early part of the afternoon... then goofed off, spent far too much time on the Internet, and gave myself a stiff neck and feelings of guilt. However, FAKE 3, which I won in the [livejournal.com profile] sober_mob pub quiz, arrived and I only realised this evening, and it has quite restored my good humour. (It makes me fangirl. I want to hug it. And hug Dee and Ryo. Cos... they're extremely huggable ^_^) Thank you very much, [livejournal.com profile] robert_frogg!
I am not as tired as I was (no thanks to last night's sleep - first I had a nightmare about being in - you guessed it - Battle Royale (this time I was actually wearing a collar, which was horrible) and then a nightmare about how it was actually Thursday and I'd slept in and missed all my lectures; I kept waking up, staring at the clock, realising I could stay in bed, and falling back into the dream and panicking again). My eye is also not as swollen. Also good. I have decided to stay on my course. I may have found somewhere to live, but I'm not rejoicing until I've got a signed contract, dammit!
Am not writing as much as I should be *pokes brain*
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I planned to have an early night last night, I really did... but I found a link to screenshots of pretty much all of the BR movie, and sort of spent the evening looking at them. So I have now read the subtitles of the movie, and seen a sort of comic strip formed of screenshots, but haven't actually seen the movie itself. When I went to sleep, I dreamed I was Shuuya Nanahara and I was the only one left alive apart from Kazuo Kiriyama (whose movie incarnation is VERY scary, even in screenshots). I shot a gun at him and hit him in the forehead, but it didn't kill him - he got up and started chasing me, so I ran up some stairs into one of the classrooms at my old school, knowing that if I got up high enough I might be safe and also hoping that the people in the classroom (there was a lesson going on) might protect me. As I got into the room, I turned back into me, and Kazuo, who'd chased after me, turned into Ryan, the guy who directed Oklahoma - and I remembered this was all a game, we were just roleplaying BR. My gun had vanished (as had my icky beige school uniform - I mean, sheesh) so I made a gun shape with my fingers, pointed it at Ryan, and "fired" - he laughed and admitted I'd won, but I knew by doing that I'd actually killed Kazuo. Then I just stood there for a while telling myself how well I'd done and how I'd been competent and brave and it had all worked out - but I was still jumpy.

I'm not expecting anyone to care - I want a record of this dream, cos I think it was weird ^_^
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A non-slash, non-NC-17 Akira fic is up here. It's about what Kaneda and Kei might have been like as parents.
(Cross-posted to [livejournal.com profile] theharukiya)

Had a terrible night's sleep last night - took ages to drop off due to cold and then had lots of quick, random strange dreams. Content included:
1) Bart and Lisa Simpson appearing randomly.
2) Me in an OC-version of Battle Royale (that's Original Character, not The O.C)
3) Me getting stuck in a pile of wood in this scenario and being terrified someone was going to come and kill me
4) Kazuo Kiriyama
5) Two reporters following him around asking him what it was like to be in The Program, and getting shot for their pains
6) My old English teacher trying to do the same to me (ask me stuff, not shoot me)
7) Lycoris making me and Robert Frogg jealous by implying she was going to take our relationships to the next level (I got a romantic Christmas card from her, but she snogged Robert, so I think I lose...)
8) Robert Frogg showing up on a school bus, offering me olives but eating someone else's raisins
9) Me being back at the music shop trying to sell someone a guitar.
Seven hours ten minutes till results.
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...is a very silly film.
And yet sweet. Fat Bastard seems more intelligent, which was weird, and Austin more vulnerable and angsty (or maybe that's just my fanfiction-addled mind coming to the fore).
I officially automatically fangirl Japanese men. Just Japanese men in general. I don't think this is very healthy.
I didn't see most of the gross bits in the film because whenever something disgusting happened, Duncan covered my eyes and started going 'la, la, la' very loudly.
Nigel Powers is very cool.
I felt sorry for Scott. They turned him into a crazy person! And he looks very ugly with a receding hairline.

After a lovely sunny weekend, it's now snowing again. I'm beginning to get fed up with it.
Thirty-one hours till I get my exam results!... Oh, help.
For the last few nights, I've been having dreams that aren't nightmares, but just quite stressful. Like last night I dreamt my tutor was looking over one of my pieces of homework and was finding all these mistakes in it, so I had to go do it again, and I woke up thinking 'Nooo! Just when I'd got everything done...' It's rather annoying. It makes sleep less relaxing than it should be.

(Entry edited so it says something coherent. I want records of my movie-watching exploits)
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Gaaah! Should have updated earlier. Too much to say!
On Wednesday night I had a nightmare about Silent Hill 3 (has anyone played that game? I read a lot about it for a story I was writing, but haven't played it.) Anyway, it was horrible. The game is survival horror, and it's meant to be very grim...I dreamt I was in the mind of the protagonist, Heather (who was a lot more ruthless, Satanic and confident than she appears in the game) but I wasn't her...so while I knew if she got hurt, I'd suffer, I didn't know if she had any plans or not, and she knew the world better than me and wasn't telling me anything. Plus she was quite evil and I was like 'I don't want you to kill that person!' This jerky guy started pestering her, threatening to kill her with a hammer...then this monster (that I didn't see) chased them both over a huge railway line, and then she killed the guy and was really smug about it. Then I woke up (it was 2:50 a.m.) and quivered for about half an hour.
This was the day before my psychology exam. Possibly a connection? ^_^
On Friday night I went out to celebrate a friend's birthday. We went to a bar, I danced with a guy (first time ever - not counting brothers and other relations) and have decided I don't want a boyfriend at the moment. Will not go into the train of thought, but feel very free.
Am not sure how I will get hold of a copy of the latest Harry Potter book. May have to wait (meanwhile, [livejournal.com profile] lycoris will be reading it and bursting to spill the beans ^_^;;;)
Thought our computer had crashed, but it hadn't...it was because I'd left a floppy in the drive and it doesn't like that. Heh heh...*blushes* The rule of thumb here is obviously 'tell as many Net pals as u can that your computer has crashed and you won't be speaking to them for some time. This will automatically fix the computer.'
I have a sneaking suspicion I am unnecessarily prolonging the ending to my Akira fic so that I don't have to stop writing about Akira. (But foolife, your comments did help - I just have to actually motivate myself.)
All my exams are over now except the last English Lit, the 3-hour one on World War One. Arrgh. My last maths exam went fine, so all that panic that I'd forgotten everything was unfounded.


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